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Updated 3 Days 11 Hours 16 Minutes ago

Hello HeroesLand Players, 


Since I bought HeroesLand from DeathGod, I tried to find ways to upgrade it to a newer version and bring some fresh air to the game, to be honest I don't have the skills or the time to do it,
because the game has too many custom items and too many options on the items that can't be done in the new versions...


With that in mind, I decided to make HeroesLand Online fully free for whoever its left playing(we don't have that many left anyway), untill the game will die out


I will stop all LiveHelp and e-mail support as I do not have the time to do it anymore, busy with school and work


I will also unban all accounts/characters ever banned so if someone wants to return and feel what HeroesLand is, its welcomed back EVEN if they broke HeroesLand Rules before


Players will be able to add 380 ingame to their items using Chaos Machine


Custom sockets like level 5 socket or Same socket all Socket Slots (that was done manualy before) CANNOT BE DONE ANYMORE, so whoever has lvl5 custom sockets now, take good care of them because they will be unique


Players can have in game 5 slots sockets level 3 ingame using Custom Jewel Of Socket


Custom Jewels can be obtain same from Delgado, so players can get their Custom Jewels from it, including Jewel of Socket, that means players can add up to 5 sockets to your items, Delgado will also spawn in Lorencia now!

WebShop will sell only FO items for Credits Or Resets


Votes For Credits, Reset>Credits or Referrals System will reward Credits that can be used in WebMarket or WebShop


Curency Exchange will be disabled as I don't think it has any purpose anymore


The server will stay online as much as it has more then 10 players online


Trigger signing off 

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