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Siege1: Henious

Castle Siege Time: 21:00:00 (Daily)

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HeroesLand Important News 2
Updated 34 Days 14 Hours 21 Minutes ago

        Hello HeroesLand Players, 


The server will stay online for now, so no worries, enjoy your time and have fun


We still do not have time to offer support, so you will have to go by without it until further notice


All accounts ever banned for breaking the rules are unbaned and everyone received amnesty, so if you miss HL, come back and play fair


We still do not accept donations, stop asking...just play the game, you can make everything you need there


Players will be able to add 380 ingame to their items using Chaos Machine


Custom sockets like level 5 socket or Same socket all Socket Slots (that was done manualy before) CANNOT BE DONE ANYMORE, so whoever has lvl5 custom sockets now, take good care of them because they will be unique


Players can have in game 5 slots sockets level 3 ingame using Custom Jewel Of Socket


Custom Jewels can be obtain same from Delgado, so players can get their Custom Jewels from it, including Jewel of Socket, that means players can add up to 5 sockets to your items, Delgado will also spawn in Lorencia now!

WebShop will sell only FO items for Credits Or Resets 


Votes For Credits, Reset>Credits or Referrals System will reward Credits that can be used in WebMarket or WebShop


Currency Exchange will be disabled as I don't think it has any purpose anymore


Enjoy the game


PS: we are sorry for the webvault issues, we didn't know it was affected, our apologies, it should work now 

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